Coffee Roasting Consultant

Training and consulting developed for coffee roasters

Paolo Scimone Coffee Roasting consultant
Coffee roasting consulting

Blend development

Development of Roasting Profiles and Blends

Blend development tailored for a specific market, or inspired by an existing product. We can create blends matching a selected taste profile as well the specifications provided to us.

Training and Courses

SCA roasting training

Various training options: one-to-one or group classes, in person or online.

A fully bespoke training course, based on your needs, or a standardised course, with the chance to get SCA certification at the end.

Roasted Coffee Analysis and Existing product replica

Coffee Analysis

A full report with sensory and scientific analysis for roasted coffee, beans, ground and single serve pods. Replicating a pre-existing blend or coffee product.

Design new Coffee Roasting Plants and Optimization of existing ones

Support in setting up new roasting plants of every size, from the planning to first roast. Optimisation of existing roasting plants to increase productivity, decrease waste and refine the quality of the final product.

Remote Assistance to solve software issues

Helpdesk service to solve software issues remotely, using a dedicated platform.

Green coffee sourcing and QGrader support

Full support to source the right green coffee for your business. A Q-grading service is provided both for Arabica and Robusta.

Paolo Scimone Coffee Roasting consultant


Coffee Consultant, Qgrader Arabica & Robusta SCA AST – Authorised Sca Trainer

My name is Paolo Scimone. I was born in Italy in 1983 and my passion for coffee began when I was 11 years old when I had the chance to play with my first espresso machine. While I was studying as Electronic & IT Engineer, coffee was put on hold until I moved to the UK in 2005.

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