Coffee Consulting Services

Coffee consulting services

Roasted Coffee Analysis and Existing product replica

A full report with sensory and scientific analysis; tests include moisture, density, water activity, caffeine content, particle size analysis for roasted coffee, beans, ground and single serve pods. Replicating a pre-existing blend or coffee product, from a given sample. This kind of service requires different lead times and will be priced depending on the level of difficulty.

Development of Roasting Profiles and Blends

Supporting you to develop any kind of blend based on a specific taste profile requirement, a market/country or inspired by an existing product. We can create blends with specialty or commercial coffees (including Arabica, Robusta or Arabica & Robusta).

Adjust roasting profiles on existing products, depending on whether they’re requirements. We can profile a brand new coffee, or blend, for espresso, filter or omniroast – suitable for both. The profile is developed aligned with customer requirements.

Design new Coffee Roasting Plants and Optimization of existing ones

Supporting in setting up roasting plants of every size, from the planning stages to first roast. The recommendations will take into consideration different parameters, including budget, volume of coffee required, future expansions, market, result required etc.

Optimisation of existing roasting plants in order to increase productivity, decrease waste and refine the quality of the final product. With our support you can implement practices to increase the productivity of your roasting plant, or keep the same volume of production and increase the quality.

Training and Courses

Various training options: one-to-one or group classes, in person at our facility in London or Milano (Italy). We can follow a standardised programme or we can create a fully bespoke training programme, fully customised based on your needs. The training courses can be in English or Italian – with the materials always being in English.

Online training sessions are offered, where theoretical and practical skills can be taught, however practical skills are more effective in person.

Every course is develops the skills required for SCA certification at the end, depending on the level of training (Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced). 

Remote Assistance to solve software issues

A helpdesk service to solve software issues remotely, using a dedicated platform. A package of calls and videocalls to be spent within 12 months, is also on offer to gain priority access. All assistance has to be planned in advance.

Green coffee sourcing and QGrader support

Full support to source the right green coffee for your business. Several options are available, such as  an “External Lab” service, where we receive samples instead on your behalf and check their quality to ensure they match your standards. 

A quality grading service is provided both for Arabica and Robusta, scoring your coffees (unofficially, as you would need to have at least 3 Q-grader to obtain an official score). We organise customised training sessions in preparation for the Q-grader certification.